Century Laboratories obtained the ISO 9001-2000 certification on July 2005.   The personnel recieve continuous training via proffesional courses on all related subjects.

In 2007 Century Laboratories obtained the Industrial Safety, Kosher and the FDA registrations.


What is ISO?

ISO is the abbreviation for International Organization for Standardization (ISO).   At present it covers the national standards of 91 countries. In the United States, the representation is called The American National Standards Institute

(ANSI).   It is a complete company quality assurance program which is periodically audited by exterior certificated personnel.


ISO is responsible for promoting the development of standardization in worldwide activities in order to facilitate international commerce of goods and services.


What is the Company Safety Program?

The purpose of the program is to promote compliance with safety, health and environmental regulations.


What is Kosher?

Kosher means apt or appropiate.   The term applies to all foods that comply with the biblical and talmudic norms of the Jewish law.


The Kosher certificate is the quality control system for foods that comply with the Jewish norms.   This is revieued by an audit of the manufacturing plant to guarantee that these batches comply with the Kosher quality specifications and norms.


What is the FDA Registration?

FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration.   The registration is required for all manufacturing, packaging, processing and storage plants of foods and beverages that might be consumed in the United States.